Strategies to Pivot and Thrive

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    Strategies to Pivot and Thrive

    April 21, 2020
    8:00am - 10:00am
    7:45am Zoom opens for set-up and practice

      REGISTRATION REQUIRED : Zoom link will be sent in your registration confirmation.

    We will be using ZOOM as our platform to broadcast this meeting. If you are not familiar with Zoom – no worries!
    • We will have the room open for you 15 minutes prior to the event to help you get acclimated.
    • Helpful Zoom instructions are listed below.
    • PLEASE enter the meeting with your video on .
    • During this time of social distancing it is crucial that we can all connect face-to-face as much as possible.
    • If your computer does not have a camera – you can download the Zoom app to your phone and join from there.

    How to join us for the event:
    • Make sure the Zoom software is downloaded onto your computer (start this process at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting).
    • To join a Zoom meeting, simply click on the Zoom link you will receive in a confirmation email from our Chapter.
    • Once you’re in the meeting, you may choose to connect audio in two different ways: via computer audio (recommended) or via phone.
      Once you enter the Zoom room, you will be able to access the dial-in phone number located in the bottom left corner of the screen near the small microphone icon. Click the carrot next to the icon to “switch" to phone audio.

    BEST PRACTICES while in a Zoom Event/Meeting
    • Sign into the Zoom desktop client and stay signed in.
    • Prior to the event, check your internet speed. If you're on free WIFI somewhere, you may need to turn your camera off to improve quality. Otherwise, turn your camera on and have your camera at eye level.
    • Stay MUTED unless you're talking. This helps to reduce background noise. (The mute feature is located in the bottom tool bar. To access the bottom tool bar, roll your cursor over the screen.)
    • Use the “Raise Hand” feature when you would like to speak. (This is located by clicking on the Participants icon in the bottom tool bar, roll your cursor over the bottom of the screen to access.)
    • Try not to talk over others. Good listening is just as important as good information sharing.
    • Make sure you sit in a well lit and quiet place.
    • Be mindful of what's going on behind you. Think about having a solid wall behind you so it is not distracting to the call.
    • Be yourself, interact and have fun!

    Strategies to Pivot and Thrive