Holiday Luncheon and Book Exchange

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    Holiday Luncheon & Book Exchange

    Wednesday, December 12
    11:30a - 1:30p

    Event Location: 
    The Clifton Club
    17884 Lake Road
    Lakewood, OH 44017

    This event will feature a full, buffet lunch and a book exchange/sharing session where members bring a wrapped book from their personal library that they have found to be of value to themselves either personally or professionally. Attendees will share what they felt was beneficial or inspirational about the book and why they recommend it. [It is not intended for attendees to go out and buy a book, this should be a book from their personal collection that they are ready to pass it on or to re-gift to someone else.]

    All wrapped books will be placed on the exchange table anonymously and attendees will be asked to choose a book. Once chosen, givers will be given 30 sec. to promo why their gifted book was inspirational or recommended. Authors in attendance can give a copy of their own book. This event also provides great insight into good reads for the coming year - a full list of all books recommended will be available after the event. Additional books are always encouraged.

    NOTE: Parking at the Clifton Club is available only on the side streets - do not park in the club driveway. The Clifton Club is an historic home - so don't be fooled - it looks like a beautiful house when you turn off of Clifton Blvd. The club driveway is immediately in front of the facility and about 50 yards from the stoplight at Clifton Blvd.

    Members - $20 through 5:00pm on 12/7/18; $30 thereafter thru 12/10 at 3:00pm
    Non-Members - $30 through 5:00pm on 12/7/18; $40 thereafter thru 12/10 at 3:00pm
    Late pricing takes effect at 3:00pm on 12/10/18 at a rate of $45 for everyone.

    This price includes a catered lunch at the The Clifton Club

    Holiday Luncheon and Book Exchange