Leading in Complexity: Escape the Drama and Collaborate Like Crazy

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    The world is changing faster than it ever has in the history of time. Our connection economy has opened the doors to more possibility than we could ever have imagined but also creates more angst, distraction and drama than ever before. Today’s leaders need support to navigate through this fast-paced uncertainty to bolster the ability of leaders and teams to thrive in the face of ambiguity.

    In this lively and interactive presentation, participants will learn:
    • The essential mindset shift needed to transform your leadership;
    • The power of conscious leadership to increase productivity, retention and collaboration;
    • The 6 magical elements that will keep your organization out of drama and create a culture where everyone thrives.

    February 18, 2020

    Location: Talent Launch
    6161 Oak Tree Blvd S.
    3rd FLOOR
    Independence, OH 44131
    [KOINONIA sign at the top of the outside of the building]

    Do not parking in other building tenants parking spots.
    No parking under the carport.
    No parking against the building in the fire lane.

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    Donna Musilli
    Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Strengths Communicator

    Donna Musilli is an Entrepreneur and Strengths Expert. She is her clients’ personal Chief Culture
    Officer, helping them discover the elements required to build a culture where everyone thrives.
    Donna regularly works with family owned businesses, non-profits, healthcare firms, school districts
    and women’s leadership organizations.

    She is known for having a deep understanding of how to assess and leverage strengths to maximize
    team performance, personal growth, competencies, and employee retention. Using her methods,
    clients learn the simple skills and awareness needed to end drama in the workplace and help their
    organization thrive!

    DM360 training workshops are FUN and reveal Donna’s distinctive knack for activating individual’s
    unique gifts and bring out the best in teams.

    Note: cancellations for this event must be made within 72 hours of event start to receive a refund/credit for the event.

    Leading in Complexity: Escape the Drama and Collaborate Like Crazy