Mastering The Art Of Failure For Marketing

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    Mastering The Art Of Failure For Marketing

    We’ve created a culture where it’s not OK to fail. Instead of thinking boldly and creatively, we live in fear of being judged and humiliated by the slightest slip-up. Catchy sayings like “fail fast, learn faster” sound great in theory, but how do you truly embrace failure and start using it to your advantage?

    Working on big risky, things makes people inherently uncomfortable. Investing significant resources in growing and scaling your business can be risky. But without taking risks and accepting failure, you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities for learning and growth.

    The following topics covered in this presentation:
    - What I learned from my own $30,000 marketing mistake

    - How to make it safe to fail

    - Why and how to avoid complacency in your marketing

    January 21, 2020
    Location: Talent Launch
    6161 Oak Tree Blvd S.
    3rd FLOOR
    Independence, OH 44131
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    Liz Hersh
    Hersh Marketing & PR

    Digital Marketing Leader

    Diving into entrepreneurship at the young age of
    23, Liz Hersh was determined to create and execute a better approach to attracting clients and customers.
    Establishing Hersh PR & Marketing in 2009, Liz quickly built a reputation for an understanding of and ability to capitalize on digital media. Her leadership and knowledge led to fast adaptation of diverse social media platforms and effective implementation of targeted campaigns for small- to mid-size companies. Among her many successes, Liz developed the Marketing Roadmap™ System, a proven methodology for lead generation.

    Today, Liz focuses her efforts on high-level business strategy and client relations. Her talent for assessing client needs and designing customized marketing solutions to close gaps and drive growth keeps buyers coming back for more. Liz holds a Bachelor of Arts from the E.W Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She is an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Public Relations Consultants Group. Liz resides in Seven Hills, Ohio, with her husband, Rob. Together, they enjoy international travel and can’t wait to visit Australia later this year.

    Mastering The Art Of Failure For Marketing